the best corner of the internet. period.

Use the Club for your hiring or job board, or ask for referrals from people you trust as you grow your own team and scale

Club perks such as discounted calls, first access to retreats and events, group programs included in the Club, etc.

A calendar full of events like  Office Hours, live monthly webinars exclusive to The Club, accountability spaces, happy hour, etc

An active Slack Channel for 24/7 tips, feedback, ideas, support, and more from the most trusted women in the industry

every aspect of support you need.


I say real partly because I'm being an asshole. But is it community if I'm not even that present? Is it really community if people aren't sharing their industry insider tricks? Is it actually helpful if people aren't posting their job opportunities or collaboration ideas? And what about like, emotional support?
That's the entire point of The Do-ers Club. All of us rise together. We share our wins, our feelings, our fears, our tricks, and ways we can all win with each other.

When You're Here, You're Family

Competition is sooooo 2021.

Welcome to The Do-ers Club

looking for people who get the good, the bad, the ugly?

The Club is a space for women who want access to a trusted industry leader on demand, peers and friends who understand how nightmarish it is to deal with rude clients or have hard conversations with a team, a place to celebrate your wins without feeling like your bragging, and a portal of resources that help you run your business on a day to day basis.

Imagine having access to experts in every field of business.

Hear kind ways to have hard conversations 

Get pricing insight before launching your service

Share copy ideas to Slack for market feedback in real time

Ask for design tips to see why your page isn't growing

Rachel Lopez

I cannot be more clear - The Doers has been *THE BEST* investment I have made in my business ever. Hands down. 

Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober

The Do-ers is the best business investment that I've made. The more time I spend in the portal, the more confident & motivated I feel.

Lauren Meeker

It's a must-have in my budget! The network of people inside has given me access to talented people to help me grow my business.

Michelle Kuan

I rave so much about the portal because there are literally so many resources! It's insane how much Ashli gives us. 

Claire Glassford

The Do-ers will elevate your business! The group oozes encouragement with incredible advice. I'm so grateful for Ashli.

Lauren Cram

The Do-ers is a judgement-free zone of cool women doing cool things. I’m a better entrepreneur because of Ashli. 

You have the best entrepreneur besties in the world who support you through thick and thin

You're determined to learn the hard way even if it means losing money and connections

You probably won't be active in the Slack channel and you want to steal people's ideas

You need all the low price DIY materials you can get and you know you'll only use The Library

The Club is NOT for you if:

You want to learn from other people's mistakes by reading our Slack convos and tuning in to Office Hours

You don't need a mentor, coach, or mastermind, but you'd love those random questions answered

You need more entrepreneurial people in your life who understand that the rollercoaster.

You don't have the time to "find the answer" and test test test. You want answers you can trust.

The Club IS for you if:

Whenever someone wants to set fire to their business, it always comes down to people. Not the right team, shitty clients, no friends. We can solve all of those.

you wanna burn it all down

I know you *think* you don't have time for social media or planning or whatever it is. But it's on our calendar so you stick to it and have a "meeting" with yourself consistently.

accountability is king

A friend is someone you can write and say "I'm feeling so overwhelmed and a lot of shame because I feel like I should have this figured out by now". We have that here.

make friends who "get it"

I cancelled my services because almost nobody needs a $2,500 VIP Day for strategy. They need a few questions answered along the way.

get custom 1:1 as needed

Why the Club vs. the Library?

What do I ask at Office Hours?

  • Can you take a look at my pricing and let me know what you think?
  • I feel like dropping my signature service, what other services can I offer if I want more time in my day?
  • I'm feeling really overwhelmed and that everything is a priority. How can I be better about managing my workload?
  • What tech is best for (email, social scheduling, managing clients, organizing projects, booking calls, etc)?
  • I'm thinking about launching a group program, can you we talk through the pros and cons?


  • I feel like my Instagram is all over the place, how can I make it feel more cohesive?
  • What social platform do you suggest if I don't want to "show up" everyday? Is it ok if I'm not the face of the brand?
  • What are your thoughts on repurposing content? Is video really important?
  • I wanta quiz on my website like yours. Do you have any ideas for how I can do something similar in my business?
  • I don't feel very confident being on stories, what do you suggest I try to get more comfortable?


  • People keep saying my prices are too high but I know the value is there. How do I get them to see that?
  • I really need to make money like right now today in my business. Can we make a quick plan for how to do that?
  • I don't want to be pushy with sales but I'm having a hard time selling. What can I do to feel more comfortable?
  • I keep saying the same thing on discovery calls and I'm over it. Can I just stop doing discovery calls?
  • I'm super present on social but I'm hearing crickets. What am I missing?


  • I cannot see any future past today because I'm drowning in work. How can I get out of that mindset?
  • I have 109429482 things that I want to get done right now - I'm just so multi passionate. How do I do it all?
  • How do I build the business you have? I want multiple offers and a $1M company too. Any tips?
  • What do you do to stay organized and what do you recommend I do in a business like mine?
  • Any thoughts on full time vs. part time vs. contractors to help on your team?


There are actually podcasts where you can hear me talk about how I will never have a membership lol and now 2 years later, 70+ live members at the time of writing this and I'm like wow. How did I get so lucky? 

This all started because my retired 12-week program Square One Accelerator was so successful that the clients inside said "Can you build a membership so we can stay together?" Hand to God, you guys. I had to say "You realize you're asking for me to build a way for you to keep paying me?" And they said yep we want it lol and now here we are. And most of them are still with me making major business moves.

Then my clients tricked me by making me fall in love with them. Rude.

I always said I would never ever have a membership lol

and i'm the captain, now. (iykyk)
the do-ers is my home, my safe space, my favorite people, and my cornerstone.

btw, I'm Ashli 👋

this all applies to me too!

And yes, I said industries. Maybe you don't know this but I actually have four babies. Four little babies who make money for me every single day. And their names are Team AP Consulting, Dial Zero Marketing, Me Time, and Fast Forward Productions.

In the past 3 years, I've grown these 4 businesses, managed over 40 team members, spent over 10,000 hours on client calls, and brought in over $1M in revenue. Not too shabby for a girl from the Midwest.

But tbh, I would be so embarrassed if I couldn't grow these businesses easily. My career in New York City for over ten years was literally to do just that - scale major brand names (like Prada, Gucci, Rebecca Minkoff, and more) to more profit, more revenue, and more success. I should know a thing or two about doing it for myself, you'd think.

i think some people forget that although i have found great success in my industries, i'm still an entrepreneur.

don't forget. I'm an entrepreneur too. everything you feel, i feel too.



our portal of 80+ resources



the most supportive community on the internet. period.

enough said - i'm in.

Name one person being this honest in entreprenreuership.

DECEMBER only bonus

In this annual run down only shared in The Do-ers (nope, doesn't even go on the podcast), I dive into:

- the most biggest regrets I have of the year
- mistakes I've made and how they affected the business (and me, tbh)
- ways we found wins (even if on accident)

with UTMOST honesty, vulnerability, and openness. Only for Club or Library members.

Come with questions and get ready to discuss <3 This is recorded and will live in the Portal.

In this annual run down only shared in The Do-ers
(nope, doesn't even go on the podcast), I dive into:
- the most biggest regrets I have of the year
- mistakes I've made and how they affected the business (and me, tbh)
- ways we found wins (even if on accident)
with UTMOST honesty, vulnerability, and openness.

Come with questions and get ready to discuss <3 

what I've Done Well and Poorly in 2023

doors close december 1, until january 1.

Great! Let us help. Shoot us a message or voice note at @teamapconsulting on IG or email

i have a question that's not listed here.

Not at all! A lot of my analogies may skew toward service based businesses because I operate a service based business. But at the end of the day, business is business (drink every time you read "business" in this answer lol). These tips are transferrable from product to service to talent and more.

is it only for service based businesses?

At the time of writing this, we have 72 members of The Club! Once we hit 100 members in The Club, we will close the group and cap it. We enjoy the intimacy of knowing everyone in the group and want to ensure we maintain that closeness.

how many people are in the club?

We tend to spread them out since we've had members in over 10 countries globally. Office hours are typically on Thursdays between 3-6pm EST during the summer of on Friday in the same time window in other seasons. We try to have Office Hours each week, 2-3 virtual coworking spaces through the week, and 1 happy hour per month.

what days/times are the club events?

If you're in the Library, you're free to level up into The Club at any time and it will start a new 3-month period. If you're in The Club, you must finish your 3-month period to opt into The Library and remove Ciub access. For more specific guidance on your situation, email

what if i join one but then want the other?

It is, and it isn't. We have a 3-month minimum requirement and then it's month-to-month afterwards. Due to the mass amount of resources we have inside the portal, we'd hate to risk someone joining for a month and downloading all of what we have inside. After the 3-month mark you're able to leave whenever you like. No questions asked.

is this a month-to-month membership?

don't worry, we have the answers! i mean, i hope. if not, shoot me a dm @teamapconsulting

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gain access to the entire portal of 80+ resources



the most supportive community on the internet. period.