Because you deserve to know what we as a business support*.

In this day and age, we are proud to live in a world where consumers make smart decisions about who they support and where their money goes. Kudos to you for choosing to support businesses that align with your values. 

Here are some things we feel strongly about so you know where your money is going with us:

It became apparent to some people in 2020 that there are systems and structures in place that contribute to a society rooted in white supremacy, systemic racism, racial bias, and suppression of minorities in the US, among a plethora of other issues surrounding racial justice. As a team of majority white women, we would be remiss to ignore how we are positively affected by these inequalities working in our favor, and thus believe we feel responsible for helping continue a conversation around racial justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. We can ensure you we will not always get things right, but we will continue educating ourselves on what we don't know and working to create more opportunities for minorities in our own digital community. We want to do so without any white saviorism or tokenism and are doing our research to find the balance, and we hope you also include such measures in your business as well, if you are a majority white business. Please note that this doesn't even begin to cover the reparations we believe in for the Black community of this country but also the Indigenous who have tragically lost so much of their history and heritage. We cannot have a conversation about diversity without taking an honest look at what this country stole, both with land and with labor.

We would hope that all people in our space believe that any member of the LGBTQ+ community not only deserves our support because humans deserve love + opportunity + support, but also that their experiences are greatly overlooked. The suicide rates in the Trans community, the hate towards Non Binary people, the vitriol around the use of pronouns shows the long road ahead to make more space for the LGBTQ+ community not just to live, or to thrive, but lead with the compassion that they give to others and may not receive as openly as their cis-hetero counterparts. The violence we see based on sexual orientation and gender should be enough for all of us to become an activist for a community that desperately needs our support, our voices, and our votes.

Simply put, this country does not value women, and even worse intersectionally if that woman is also LGBTQ+ and/or BIPOC. Women in this country get no paid leave for birthing and caring for their babies, rape is overlooked (and forgiven if you're white), domestic abuse/stalking/forced sexual acts occurs in 1 in 4 women which should alarm and shock people into protecting the half of the population responsible for giving life. Women are paid less, and the standard 9-5 structure was built on someone being at home to care for the family, which does not benefit single moms or households where both parents work. Women and mothers in particular are forced a repulsive societal standard for how they should act, speak, dress, look, and perform for society without the tools of living for themselves. We support the moms in our space and our entire mission is to help women gain more independence through the financial security that entrepreneurship can bring.

We're a passionate bunch if you cannot tell and the list goes on of topics that we will always (or never) support. 
This is not an exhaustive list. We also can promise we will f*ck up. We will guarantee though that when we do, we will be open about how we went wrong and how we plan to fix it. We all say the wrong things or say what we think is right until we are educated on how to do better. One issue we are very against is cancel culture - nobody deserves to lose their livelihood or their opportunity at a fair shot with one mistake or one wrongdoing. We believe more in calling people in to an opportunity to respond + react instead of grabbing popcorn as we watch someone's plane go down with them inside. We are also very against almost all of what Trump has said. No need to go much more in depth there, but to put it plainly (and sure a little immaturely) he f*cking sucks. On that note, refugees who are forced to leave their home, who are scared, who take major measures to help their family, they deserve love and compassion. They deserve our help, as people and as global citizens. The least we can do is lend a helping hand. Lastly, we believe strongly that mental health is not properly treated or taken seriously and we are working to integrate mental health education into our content as well as weaving it into our full time culture. 

You don't have to agree with us, but we want to ensure that any space you are in is supportive of you, especially if you are part of one of the communities listed above or if you have been directly negatively impacted by the Trump administration. We kindly ask that if you do not support our values, you find elsewhere to give your patronage. In our space, there are some things that are not tolerated and that we feel strongly about. If we disagree, we have no judgment, but we also would prefer to serve those who are in direct alignment with our values. We're doing just fine without you. Thank you for understanding x 

- Ashli, Founder + CEO

*I am not speaking on behalf of the individuals beliefs of my team but what we stand for as a company. Their views are not reflective of the company's.