Mastering Sales Masterclass

As a skilled and trained professional in B2B sales for 10 years in corporate America, I'm here to show you the psychology of sales, how to connect deeply, and ways to sell ethically to peers and businesses you respect.

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sales is a required part of entrepreneurship, and as the person who should care the most about your service, mastering this skill guarantees a future of opportunity. learn how sales isn't gross at all, it's a great way to connect authentically.

understand sales tactics and methods that create natural conversations and lead to relationship led sales?

What if you:

it's time to understand the vital backbone of any business + sell with confidence.

knew the sales psychology tips and tricks you can use in marketing campaigns and conversations for a yes?

had a launch plan to sell in a digital landscape to fill a group program, sell a course, or book out your services in advance?


it's time to understand the vital backbone of any business + sell with confidence.
sept 21 2022; 6-8pm

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As an expert and trained sales professional, I wish more people knew what good sales looks like.

I don't know if it's because I spent 10 years in corporate selling to major department stores like Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Amazon, Zappos, and more, or because I spent 8 years in retail on the sales floor, but I view sales so differently than most entrepreneurs who I talk to.

When I talk about sales to my clients or members of The Doers, they share with me that sales feels like stealing, it feels gross, unethical, awkward or even...wrong. And I get it, we see all the gross parts of sales. The "Hey babe love what you're doing!" DM's. The guy who sells straighteners in the mall who just tries to touch your hair (why do we ALL have this experience lol). The "used car salesman" overused story of someone who will con you into a bad purchase. We see these and they stand out in our minds because we are grossed out by them, and rightfully so! 

These are definitely sales examples. Bad sales examples. 

Good sales looks totally different and one example of it is this page right here. This sales page you are reading. When you understand the ways to share what you do in a way that connects with others, is clear about your process and deliverables, and uses my proprietary methods and three step selling system that ensures you will always find clients that meant for your services, you will sing a different tune about selling.

There's a new and easy way to sell your products and services and you won't want to miss the lightbulb moments that continue to blow my clients mind, change their businesses, and have brought over $20M to my clients + I historically.


ps. more about me here if you truly don't know me. 

as an industry professional responsible for $300m+ of sales per year for brands like prada, rebecca minkoff, sam edelman, and kendall + kylie, i'm here to show you how to master the skill so you feel aligned + confident.

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